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SFB 608 Regional Workshop on Correlated Systems 2009

30. September - 2. October 2009

Conference Center Rolduc, Kerkrade, The Netherlands


Organizing Committee

M. Braden
H. Kierspel
D. Khomskii
T. Michely
R. Müller
A. Severing
H. Tjeng
M. Vojta

Address for correspondence

Anke Riebe
9 a.m - 3 p.m.

phone +49 (221) 470 5819

fax +49 (221) 470 5178


Institute of Physics II
University of Cologne
Zülpicher Str. 77
50937 Cologne

Goals and Scope

Research on strongly correlated systems has a strong tradition in the "ABCJ" region defined by the universities in Aachen, Bonn and Cologne and the research center Jülich.

The SFB 608 is happy to invite the research groups to a regional workshop on correlated systems. We hope that the workshop will stimulate discussions between the various groups and will give an overview over the broad range of our experimental and theoretical activities in the field.

Time and Location



    Please fill out the form to register for the workshop and download the template for abstract submission. Deadline for registration is July 15.



    • A list of invited speakers, the programme and posters are available here.