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Siegel der Universität

Participating Institutes

Physics Cologne

Institute of Physics II & Institute of Theoretical Physics
University of Cologne
Zülpicher Str. 77, 50937 Köln

Chemistry Cologne

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
University of Cologne
Greinstr. 6, 50939 Köln

Crystallography Cologne

Institute of Crystallography
University of Cologne
Zülpicher Str. 49b, 50937 Köln

Physics Bonn

Institute of Physics, Section Theory
University of Bonn
Nussallee 12, 53115 Bonn


A: Crystallographic and chemical aspects

Project leader

A1: Model systems and new materials: crystal growth, characterisation, and determination of structures.

M. Braden,
T. Lorenz,
P. Becker-Bohatý,
L. Bohatý

A2: Halides of the outer an inner transition metals/ Complex oxides of the 3d-transition metals

G. Meyer,
A. Möller

A4: Design of new materials and new material properties using thin films and multi layers.

T. Michely

B: Macroscopic properties

Project leader

B1: Electric and thermal transport in complex transition metal compounds

A. Sologubenko,
T. Lorenz,
M. Abd-Elmeguid

B3: Thermodynamic and magnetic properties of complex transition metal compounds

T. Lorenz,
J. Hemberger

C: Spectroscopy

Project leader

C1: Optical spectroscopy of highly correlated transition metal compounds

M. Grüninger,
J. Hemberger

C2: Neutron scattering of phonon and magnetic excitations in correlated materials

M. Braden

C3: Electron spectroscopy of highly correlated solids, thin films, and surfaces

T. Michely,
C. Busse

C4: Anomalous scattering with soft X-rays: spectroscopically resolved structure determination

M. Braden

C5: Non-linear optics of magnetoelectric correlations in multiferroics

Manfred Fiebig,
Thomas Lottermoser

D: Theory

Project leader

D4: Disorder and quantum fluctuation in effective field theories of highly correlated materials.

T. Nattermann

D7: Heat, charge, and spin transport in spin systems of nearly magnetic materials.

A. Rosch,
M. Vojta

D9: Ab-initio and model calculations of the electronic structure of strongly correlated oxides.

R. Bulla

D11: Charge, spin, and orbital degrees of freedom in transition metal compounds: strong correlations and competing phases.

M. Vojta,
A. Rosch

D12: Quantum impurities in correlated metals and insulators.

R. Bulla,
J. Kroha,
M. Vojta

D13: Heterostructures, surfaces and domain walls in correlated systems.

J. Kroha,
A. Rosch